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Poster one punch man Genos mi humain


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Genos half human half cyborg

Dress your wall with this magnificent fanart-style poster of the cyborg demon Genos, whose real name is Jenosu. After his village was decimated and looted before he became half man, half robot, Genos was left for dead by the cybernetic monster guilty of this deed. Professor Kuseno (Kidob) then saved Genos' life by turning him into a human cyborg.

Enduring Feelings

Despite his robotic appearance, Genos still retains his human brain and face, as well as his stomach, given the amount of food he can swallow. He also feels motivation, and very rarely fear (when he realizes the immense power of Saitama in particular). However the rest of his body is completely robotic and overpowered. The objective of Genos being of course to find the robot having decimated his village, and to take revenge.

  • Post< span data-mce-fragment="1">designed by and for fans< strong data-mce-fragment="1">One Punch Man
  • Heavy weight paper for maximum durability over time
  • Quality: High End
  • Careful and precise drawing details
  • PrintHigh Definitionand bright colors
  • Similar price for all poster sizes (printing costs us the same why charge you more?)< /span>
  • Free standard delivery

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