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Poster one punch man power of Saitama

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Unmeasurable Power

Dress your wall with this beautiful One Punch Man poster of Saitama's right fist, shiny and shimmering. Just by reaching out Saitama shows us that his power is downright unmeasurable. No machine can assess in tons the power of this legendary punch that puts an end to the battles of the caped bald in a single blow.

An original style

Saitama has such a ridiculous yellow and red costume with a white cape, that his power is overpowering. The style of the hero is very particular, because during the first 3 seasons, all of Saitama's enemies make fun of his outfit (except Genos, who later becomes his disciple). Those same enemies quickly changed their minds the second they saw a glimpse of the caped bald man's power.

  • Post< span data-mce-fragment="1">designed by and for fans< strong data-mce-fragment="1">One Punch Man
  • Heavy weight paper for maximum durability over time
  • Quality: High End
  • Careful and accurate drawing details
  • PrintHigh Definitionand bright colors
  • Similar price for all poster sizes (printing costs us the same why charge you more?)< /span>
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