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Poster one punch man saitama obscur

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Saitama and his dark side

Dress your wall with this beautiful poster of Saitama showing the hidden side of the capped hero. The imagine he possesses is an overpowered but airheaded hero, and above all hilarious in spite of himself. On the other hand, the second side of Saitama is much less funny, especially when the enemy in front of him pushes him to his limits.

The caped bald is unrecognizable

During his fights saitama always takes everything lightly because he has a habit of being bored, winning fights after a single punch. For example, he can pick his nose during a fight or yawn at the crows. However when his gait becomes linear and his gaze dark and obscure, Saitama then becomes serious and his hilarious goofy look soon disappears.

  • Post< span data-mce-fragment="1">designed by and for fans< strong data-mce-fragment="1">One Punch Man
  • Heavy weight paper for maximum durability over time
  • Quality: High End
  • Careful and precise drawing details
  • PrintHigh Definitionand bright colors
  • Similar price for all poster sizes (printing costs us the same why charge you more?)< /span>
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