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Poster one punch man saitama leeks


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Saitama a born cook

Dress your wall with this magnificent poster of the caped bald man proudly brandishing his bunch of leeks. Saitama never comes home from shopping without a bunch of leeks in his bag. Before the arrival of Genos who squatted his apartment, Saitama lived alone. He had to cook his own meals, so he didn't rely on anyone. By dint of cooking, would he have developed another ability than his legendary power, a master cook skill for example?

Are leeks the secret of his power?

The question seems silly, however from the 1st to the 3rd season, as well as in the scans, the leeks return regularly and accompany Saitama. Is this a wink from One and Murata, just wanting us to understand that leeks are their favorite vegetable, or is this hint suggesting that leeks are the real cause of Saitama's power?

  • Posterdesigned by and for the fansOne Punch Man
  • Heavy weight paper for maximum durability over time
  • Quality: High end
  • Careful and precise drawing details
  • PrintingHigh DefinitionVivid Colors
  • Similar price for all poster sizes (printing costs us the same why charge you more?)
  • Free standard delivery

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